Heavy Maneuver Units (HMU): Fully mechanized force based upon a combination of mechanized infantry, armor, and support units these are the bread and butter of any conventional army. Typically deployed at division or corp strength HMU bear the brunt of any land war. As the name suggests these soldiers live and die pursuing perfection of the art known as maneuver warfare. Rapidity of action, exploitation of weakness, flexibility and independence of command, the goal of not outgunning your opponent but out thinking him, out maneuvering him. The commanders of these units are gods among men, but even these men have idols. John Boyd, Napoleon, and Sable are all familiar names. However these weighty forces do hold disadvantages. HMUs lack strategic mobility in comparison to lighter units and they are unable to rapidly deploy in an economical fashion. Because of this such units are relegated to use solely in conventional conflicts.

Heavy Armored Brigade: Fleets of steel, the HAB represents the pinnacle of armored warfare. It’s combination of HMBTs, HIFVs, and support vehicles give it a combination of mobility, firepower, and armor never before seen on the battlefield. They are intended for breakthrough operations and rapid advances and as such they are designed to operate alone on the tactical level. They do, however, require a vast supply train to keep advancing and that is a key vulnerability. For every tanks there is at least two trucks as doctrine demands they must be able to self-sustain for at least 24 hours in the event of a deep line penetration. These are not subtle units, though they are more stealthy once effective ISR and counter-ISR measures come into play. Due to their habit to detach from the line SHORAD must be organic to defend local air space from attack aircraft and helos. CAP can be called on in the event of a larger air attack. Organic fire support is providing including high caliber mortars, medium caliber howitzers, and perhaps even HATS or PORPAW systems. 
Heavy Combined Arms Brigade: Designed to be able to operate solo or in tandem with HABs, the HCAB represents the jack of all trades master of none. Able to perform field and urban operations these formations are more or less the line units of this era. Though capable of fighting heavier units the general lack of armor in comparison with HABs would make any breakthrough operations inadvisable.
Equipment of HMUs
Unit Type Vehicle Type Vehicle Designation Number within unit Vehicle Modifications
Heavy Armored Brigade
MBT K2 Black Panther
IFV Puma or CV90 Mk. III
SV Fennek
Mortar AMOS
SPAAG Pantsir-S1 on LVSR
ARV/AEV Bergepanzer 3A1
Bridgelayer PSB 2
Heavy Truck Oshkosh LVSR
Tank Transporter M1070A1
UAV RQ-7, RQ-11
Heavy Combined Arms Brigade
LT or MBT CV90120-T or Leopard C2
APC CV90 Armadillo
Armored Cavalry Brigade
LT PL-01
Scout Vehicle Scout SV